I love developing and learning new technologies.  I have a background in medicine but also in computer science.  Much of the technology which I use now I have learned in the last decade though, not in college.  And as newer technologies come out (eg, React, Angular, etc), my appetite to learn this technology is only limited by the time I have to learn.  I look forward to trying out what I have learned in make the lives of those around me better. 


Many loved ones face chronic health illnesses in their lives and may wish to leave behind messages for their loved ones to remember. For special occasions or just to save "I love you", Leg8cy will also allow you or your loved ones to send messages and gifts to friends and family in the future.

Medication Safety Fdn

Users can identify the particular medication by color, shape, size, and identification numbers.
Doctors or family members to whom you give permission can prescribe or cancel medications.
Everyone involved can all work together to provide an accurate medication list for the patient.

Pot Pie Paradise

I help to set up an ordering system for PPP, and used email alerts and then a website to show the orders.  

This system allowed physicians to order their meals for CME lunches, and allowed PPP to make sure that they fill these orders and deliver them to the correct location. 

Renal Sytes

For internal use for Kaiser. 


I don't necessarily consider myself an entrepreneur.  However, I am always interested in different startup projects.  And my friends and family would say I love technology.  I don't mind getting my hands dirty to build something worthwhile.  As I said before, I love learning new technologies.  Please let me know if you are interested in partnering to build something that will change the world!



Knowlegeable about SQL clauses, MS Access SQL as well as MySQL.  


Develop in HTML5 standards.
Proficient with JS and Jquery statements. 


Responsive web design is en vogue nowadays. Whether you are making a website for desktop, mobile, or tablet, this framework is fantastic.  


Proficient with PHP back end  programming language.
I've been using this for almost a decade now, and it's been fantastic.  


I am a great admirer or this, and am just starting to learn it. The allure of Single Page Applications is really appealing, esp in relation to Cordova.  


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